Welcome to the Club-Area of CMSimple-Styles.com

In our club you find exclusive Downloads for members only like the CMSimple Special Edition & Templates / Plugins.

Advantages of the club

With the inexpensive membership you support the very time-consuming development of CMSimple SE and the advancement of Templates and Plugins. Thus you help us to be able to create new versions in the future. Besides we also plan to work on “abandoned ” Plugins (by Geniz, Svarrer, Jat, Djot…) to support or to develop the Plugins further with permission of the original developer.


Each month at least 1 exclusive club Template is published, which can be used completely license-free. The club templates will contain no link to CMSimple-Styles.com.

Club-Plugins & Addons

We will be able to develop our Plugins & Addons further, like the simple menu manager, Advanced TOC, the Dreamweaver Toolbar as well as Plugins currently in development. Besides the completely free standard designs “pro” versions with some additional functions are offered for club members only!

Become a member

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