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Dreamweaver Toolbar

This Dreamweaver-Extension fadds a new toolbar that aids you in creating CMSimple-Templates

CMSimple Dreamweaver Toolbar

Designing templates is much simpler if you dont have to remember all thoose PHP-Commands that make up a template!

What does the toolbar do?

Adds the head code

Adds the onload code, required by the editor

Adds a link to the sitemap

Adds the table of contents (navigation)

Adds the searchbox

Adds a path to the image folder in the template directory

Adds the editor toolbar thats visible when in admin mode

Adds the main content area

Adds a newsbox

Adds the submenu

Adds the locator (breadcrump navigation)

Adds a link to login

Displays the language menu on a multilingual website

Adds a link to the guestbook

Add a link to the mailform

Adds a printlink

Adds a link to the sitemap

Adds a link to the previous page

Adds a link to the next page

Adds the last updated information


If you like the Dreamweaver Toolbar, please donate any amount you see fit to our PayPal Account. Thank you!

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